OK so how do you balance self-promoting and ensure you’re not just bragging about yourself and your accomplishments?

For so long, we’ve been taught that we have to be our own self-advocates when it comes to things like our health and really when it comes to anything we want.  Especially in our careers.

If we don’t go after what we want (our dreams, that job, that promotion, etc.) we’ll always be in the same spot and our efforts and talents can go unrecognized.

What about when we’ve launched a new business, a passion project, received an award, got a promotion, etc. Shouldn’t we be proud to celebrate and share our success with others, whether at work or with loved ones?

Let’s celebrate our success!

Oxford dictionaries defines self-promoting as “Promoting or publicizing oneself or one’s activities, especially in a forceful way.”  Not sure I get the”in a forceful way” part.

Bragging was defined as “Excessively proud and boastful talk about one’s achievements or possessions.”  Both sound negative to me, to be honest, but there’s a distinction to make between the two and I think we need to get more comfortable with self-promoting our successes and accomplishments.  Definitely ignore Oxford’s definition of it, 🙂 and understand the difference between the two.

Self-promotion is not something that comes as easy for women vs. men, and are less comfortable in leading with “I” and very much are about “we” and “my team” or “together”.  While this post isn’t to discuss the gender differences when it comes to self-promotion, it’s something many women can relate to.

Whether you’re just starting off in your career, starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur, climbing the corporate ladder and aspiring for that next step, we all have so much we should be proud of.  Our efforts and successes should be shared and we should take pride in our work.

Most definitely at work if we want to be recognized and absolutely with our loved ones and trusted friends.

Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re thinking about self-promoting yourself at work:

  • Own it!  Take ownership of whatever it is you’re sharing at work – a report you created, a lead that converted into a sale, growing your account, among other achievements.  Remember, you earned it so be proud to own your success and stand by it.
  • Share it!  Tell others how you achieved your success or accomplished that specific goal.  There’s something to be said for those who understand what it means to help others along their journey without feeling insecure or intimidated that their own light may be dimmed by giving a hand to a colleague or friend.  There’s room for everyone to succeed so don’t be afraid to help others.
  • Recognize your strengths and ask how you can contribute – we know where our strengths lie, so if there’s an opportunity to do something beyond your day job and participate in something outside of your core role, consider it.  Maybe it’s participating in an internal committee, contributing to or leading a special project.

Keep in mind, be you and be authentic.  Stand by your strengths, your achievements and don’t be afraid to shine.  Your delivery means something when you are self-promoting and at the end of the day, you’re looking to highlight that special gift and talent that is unique to you.

If you are looking for some inspiration, check out Mika Brzezinski,  author of, Knowing Your Value:   Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth shares great insights on knowing your value and owning your success.

What are your thoughts?  Do you have a hard time self-promoting yourself and your achievements?

If you’re a pro at self-promoting, what have been some helpful ways that have allowed you to shine a light on your talents?

With all my appreciation,

Lisa ♥