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Onboarding Coaching

Research shows organizations can improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by 70% with a strong onboarding process. Onboarding your new leader can make the difference between setting them up for success or to fail. Most onboarding programs focus heavily on paperwork and processes and less on the successful integration of the hire.

Investing in Onboarding Coaching, your new leader will have a dedicated Performance Coach that helps them seamlessly integrate into your organization and acclimate to your company culture with success.

A Coach with exposure to small and global organizations, across multiple industries, with experience working both in corporate and virtual environments. Your new hire will work with an experienced Coach who will serve as a trusted partner and a people-driver.

This 6-month program includes initial key stakeholder meetings to align on expectations of the position, a mid-point check-in to review progress and a final meeting at the completion of the coaching engagement. The coaching work focuses on working with the new hire to optimize their leadership skills required for the position and help close any gaps.