You’re in the early stages of your business and don’t quite have the funds yet to invest in ALL the resources you’re anticipating you need.

So how do you decide what to invest in and what to hold off on?  There’s the obvious that comes to mind that people instantly consider – technology, people, marketing, social media, etc.

When it comes to people, if you’re fortunate enough to already be in a position where you have a few people working along side you, ensure your employees have all the tools and resources THEY need to do their jobs effectively.

Your front-line staff can’t be expected to perform at their best and meet your expectations if they’re not even equipped with simple things such as appropriate technology, i.e. an up to date lap top, cell phone (or allowance can be offered), Wi-Fi stick, printing services or a printer, etc.  The very basics can make a difference from an inefficient day due to technology issues to an efficient day and helping YOU and themselves be productive.

Evaluate what’s critical to have NOW that supports the function and operation of your business and what’s a “nice to have” but we can manage for the time being.  What are those differences?  Is it a CRM system for example, or a finance related tool, an ATS (applicant tracking system), a trade management tool, etc.  Yes, these are all technology examples – whatever it is for your business, decide what’s necessary to have now.  Also, consider what you can handle on your own and do yourself.

Having enough people to support your business can always be a challenge whether you’re a small start up or a large organization.  The only difference is cost in this situation.  If it’s people you need and you’re not in the position that I mentioned above but yet can’t afford to hire someone, what else can you do?  What are other options to consider until you can afford someone f/t OR afford to hire X number of people if that’s what’s needed?  Again, consider what you can do on your own and find people who are willing to help along the way.  You’d be surprised how people can provide support for free or consider doing a barter exchange.

Make sure you understand your earnings during your first 6-12 months and then the next 12-24 months, so you can evaluate and forecast when you can afford investing in those resources that you’re putting on the back burner due to cost.  What’s the time frame you’re anticipating working within, so you can plan and budget accordingly.

Above all these suggestions, the most important thing you can do is tap into your own creativity and be RESOURCEFUL!  Think about your drive, your commitment, your WILL, your passion, etc.  These are ALL things that ignite that fire within you to figure it out!  Check out Tony Robbins You Tube video below as he shares some of these HUMAN resources that we often don’t think about.

There are many examples out there of businesses and entrepreneurs who were not in full operation or JUST starting out and had limited resources and yet still managed to be successful.  Whether it’s a landing page they had while they saved to get a website built yet they’re still able to attract clients, or they have friends/family assisting them with certain tasks, or they’re managing social media well which is helping create awareness/branding and drive traffic, etc.  The list goes on.

Hard work, patience and commitment are still required whether you have resources or not.  It’s the choice between seeing potential opportunities and being willing to be creative enough to try things and identify resources to help you OR struggle due to some of the suggestions I listed above and resist being able to tap into your own creativity and the resources I know you have and are just waiting to be identified.

Some people can see opportunities and others will see problems for every solution you offer, so which one will you be?

As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way.

The You Tube video below is a great one of Tony Robbins talking about being resourceful at one of his events for a little inspiration! (5:34 min)

I’d love to hear from you as always!

When have you had to be resourceful in your business due to a lack of resources?  What was your solution and/or resource that you identified and how did it help?

Thanks as always for stopping by and please share this with someone you know who is faced with this in their business and life RIGHT NOW!

You could be the light bulb moment for them that they needed. 🙂

All my appreciation

Lisa xo