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Eq-i 2.0 - Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Empathy, compassion and self-awareness to name a few, are all skills we look for in leadership. If you’re leading a team, an individual contributor or you’re an entrepreneur, emotional intelligence is vital to your success in work and in life.

The Eq-i 2.0 assessment backed by empirical research and 30 years of data is the only scientific based model on the market that measures a set of 15 competencies that make up our emotional and social skills.

As business and our workplaces continue to evolve, leaders are expected to come with the skills ready to lead teams to greater heights. But first, you must know how to lead yourself.

Used as a leadership development tool including those who are already experienced leaders, the Eq-i 2.0 assessment is a tool that will help you measure the skills that make up your emotional intelligence while helping you identify the areas to further develop.

Unlike Iq, your Eq can be developed over time and are often the very skills that lead to stronger employee relationships, deeper connections, improved decision-making and overall performance in business and in life.

Each coaching package will include an Eq-i 2.0 assessment except the 1-month package, a 60 min. debrief plus 2 additional follow up 30 min. sessions. This assessment can be purchased on its own. Eq-i 360 is also available. Please inquire to learn more!