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About Me

Bringing joy, love and a deep level of commitment to my work, I’m proud to have played an integral role coaching and consulting in the lives of professionals.

In a career where I devoted nearly 15 years in Talent Acquisition for companies like L’Oréal USA and Salesforce.com, I fell in love with people over profits. My love of people and understanding great leaders from terrible ones led me on a lifelong journey to self-leadership and transforming leadership in business one leader at a time.

A mission I have to help leaders like you be the Director of your own life and be your best at work.  


I grew up with many different interests ranging from travel, fitness and spirituality to name a few that have grown throughout my life. In fact, my spiritual connection led me to pursuing a certification in Reiki and has emerged in all areas of my life leading me to incorporate holistic practices and principles in how I live, work and do business.  A part of me I later realized was a strength and not a liability.

I’ve often been the go-to for as long as I can remember. My parents used to say, “How do you know what to tell all your friends and colleagues about their relationship problems?” For context, when I was much younger, that was the advice I was often dishing out. Kind of like your “Ask Sally” column, this was “Ask Lisa” and you’d get the truth sprinkled with some love and likely a little humor along the way.

I spent most of my career watching a revolving door of leaders that came and went as I looked for mentorship and guidance. Ten managers in ten years to be exact. Many leaving nothing but lessons on how not to lead.

Understanding my place in the workplace, who and what role I play, navigating through some challenges related to my career, didn’t come easy for me. Yet these experiences taught me just how far behind corporate was in truly understanding what it means to create a safe place for people to show up, come to work and give their best. Not just as professionals, but also as individuals led by true leaders who fostered and supported this type of human-based culture.

I believe when you understand Self and bring the whole you to work, you allow yourself to show up as the authentic you and not a fragment of who you are or a role you play


That includes giving yourself permission to lead and show up each day with some of the emotions we often leave outside the workplace – joy, compassion and empathy. Many of which are commonly misunderstood and unrecognized as strengths in the workplace.

Showing up in this way allows you to break traditional rules and norms in the world of corporate, but more importantly, to lead by example. Showing others in your charge and around you that you can still do amazing work, run a profitable business and be human in the workplace.

It’s the fuel that inspired me to partner with brave leaders like you to lead more confidently, courageously and authentically in your business and life. I believe more than anything to thrive in the future of work and in an ever-changing world, we need more heart and soul in our businesses and in our leaders. 

Living by this philosophy has allowed me to re-write the rules of what success and working in business looks like. And by teaching others that this is possible, I’m helping leaders design businesses that allow people to step up and do their best work.  

I've had the great privilege of working with industry leading global brands.

So what does this mean for you and your organization?

I’m deeply committed to partnering and supporting you in creating an organization that leads with a people-focused approach. That serves and adds value for you through your professional journey, that guides you to what’s possible, contributing to making you and your business perform at it’s best. I’ll help you create tailored, custom solutions with your win and transformation in mind.

Whether your organization is in the start-up stages or is more established, I’m here to help you create the human foundation for your business and bring out the essence of what’s behind it – your people.

I’m grateful to be making a living and growing a business with you in mind, and I look forward to working with you!

my commitment

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