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Woman leader with hands on either side of her head, looking down, thinking of 4 pitfalls to avoid in leadership
Human Resources

Sage advice from women in leadership & 4 pitfalls to avoid

You’ve been a leader for quite some time, and you’re stepping into a new position or company. Maybe both! The ambitious women I know are actively working on making the most significant impact in their first 3-6 months (maybe longer), but, even the best and brightest are bound to make some of the most common leadership mistakes.   Don’t we

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3 corporate, female talent sitting at a conference table, looking at a lap top
Human Resources

Female talent: 4 ways to attract & retain corporate women

When it comes to career advancement, what are some of the factors your female talent is considering? It might be the position and scope of the role, how much it pays, and the leaders they’ll be working with, yet ultimately, women want to know they’ll be set up for success.   We’ve heard a lot of talk about the importance

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leadership skills

Toxic work environment? 3 ways you can still develop your leadership skills

One of the hardest things to do as an emerging leader who’s committed to elevating their leadership skills is doing so in a toxic workplace culture. Let’s face it, a workplace environment has a strong influence on any leader trying to level up, including considering who they’re surrounded by. We’ve all been in a workplace environment that screamed, “Run for the

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two signs reading old and new habits
Human Resources

3 habits to drop and lead in new ways

If there was any habit you could drop like a hot potato, what would it be and what new habit would you create instead? We all have habits we’ve developed over time that simply don’t serve us, yet we hold onto them because they’re a part of what we do day in, day out like clockwork. The same is true

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man leaning back with hands behind his head, taking a break
Work/Life Balance

Your answer isn’t in a new job, try this instead

The conversations I’ve been having lately have been timely, to say the least. Men and women in various stages of their careers have shared a common feeling of something’s missing. Jobs are feeling like just that – a job. Some have described it as a feeling of unfulfillment, a lack of personal enjoyment and many have no idea of how to

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