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Hi! I'm Lisa.

A people-focused, multi-passionate, ‘go-to’ dedicated to creating the organization you dream of, become a reality you live every day.

Bringing joy, love and a deep level of commitment to my work, I’m proud to have played an integral role in the lives of many consulting and coaching corporate organizations and professionals.

I've had the great privilege of working with industry leaders & global brands such as:

Lisa is integral to the success of the L’Oréal USA Talent Acquisition team.  She brings a passionate customer focus that is equally balanced with Candidate Advocacy.  Her leadership and recruiting savvy have consistently exceeded expectations, not only bringing qualified candidates into the L’Oréal family, but also helping us to build our workforce of the future with an acute focus on diversity and high potential talent.

I appreciate her tenacity and value her input.  Thank you, Lisa

Lida Chaplynsky, VP, Talent Acquisition, NY, NY, L’Oréal USA

Lisa provided Talent Acquisition support to my business in the Consumer Products division at L’Oréal USA.  It has been a great partnership working with Lisa over the last 8 years.  I trust Lisa in the work that she does and know that the quality of candidates are always top notch. I truly enjoyed working with Lisa and loved how she was always “on it.”   As a result, it allowed me to be very hands off when working with you which allowed me to focus on other areas of my demanding day to day job. You are super smart and strategic on how you think about certain details and anticipating scenarios which will be beneficial for you as you start to build a new business. You identified some top talents throughout the years many of which have moved onto new growth opportunities and have had a great impact on our business.

I would recommend Lisa as she is easy to partner with and able to support your needs in Talent Acquisition. You are very detail-oriented and I appreciate that you are very process-oriented.

This helped us create a great process in the full cycle of recruitment when working with Lisa.  She always has a POV and strong opinion which was important in being able to influence and persuade others in the business.

Lia Romeo, AVP of HR, CPD – NY, NY – L’Oréal USA

As a 20-year professional in the Talent Acquisition arena, I spent several years working as a Senior Recruiter for Lisa De Nicola. She was one who led by example while challenging me to do my best and encouraging me along the way. I worked with two high profile clients alongside Lisa, and she partnered with me to hone my recruitment skills, further develop my communication skills and take ownership over my business.

Her guidance and support were inspiring and were always appreciated, as she helped me to handle challenging situations that arose with more confidence.  She worked with me to identify my strengths and helped me understand how to set clear expectations in my role.  Through her strong communication skills, Lisa was clear and focused in her approach and her consistent, positive reinforcement to me kept my confidence high and motivated me to move forward.  Her coaching approach has been a valuable life experience that will be with me always… will our friendship!

-Jennifer Blum, Florence, KY Senior Recruiter, Hudson RPO

About Me

Through a consultative and coaching approach, and leveraging a successful career partnering with global organizations in identifying top talent, I help organizations like yours prioritize your greatest resource –your people.

Growing up, I had a wide array of interests from traveling and fitness, to spirituality that have expanded and grown throughout my life. In fact, my spiritual interest has emerged in all areas of my life, leading me to incorporate holistic practices and principles into how I live, work and do business.

Understanding my place in the workplace, who and what role I play, and navigating through some challenges related to my career, didn’t come easy for me. Yet these experiences taught me just how far behind corporate was in truly understanding what it means to create a safe place for people to show up, come to work and give their best. Not just as professionals, but also as individuals led by true leaders who foster and support this type of human-based culture.

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“It’s in service to others and ‘giving back’ that we can truly create a meaningful life and business. Stay tuned for more info on how your investment through our work creates meaningful change to those in need.”

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