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“Who does not know how to lead himself cannot lead others.”

~ Unknown

Coaching for Organizations

You’re ahead of the game in your business, you know the value of your people and believe in investing in a people-first culture.

A term that’s often thrown around, yet you’re committed to experience it as your reality.

Like every great organization, you recognize sometimes, even your best and brightest performers need a champion and thinking partner in their corner.

 Why Coaching and what makes

Coach Lisa different?

As long as leaders are needed, coaching will be in demand. When the stakes are high, as they often are for leaders, the expectations for their performance is even higher. 

Whether you’re the CEO of your organization or a high achiever aspiring to sit on the executive leadership team, coaching is a partnership approach that can help you become the best leader you can be and take your performance to the next level.

Coaching is one of the most frequently used leadership development tools in corporate. It is future focused, strategic and thoughtful; often the investment you wish you made years ago!

In the ever evolving industry of coaching, it’s easy to fall prey to firms leading as experts in one particular function and adding services like coaching to their suite of offerings with untrained people posing as Coaches. 

Firms claiming to specialize in coaching, yet focus primarily on process improvement and scalability miss the mark when it comes to the unique approach that your leaders and teams need. A focus on people

Your people need someone who can connect to the parts of them that make them human. A Coach that understands the challenges they face in their business and professional life, yet can help them overcome those challenges, develop them as leaders of tomorrow while caring for them as humans.

Whether it’s focused on refining a specific skill set, raising your bar to uplevel your leadership or help strengthen your working relationships, Leadership Coaching can help  you do that. The benefit not only impacts you as a leader but positively benefits the organization as well.

As resourceful, whole individuals, Coach Lisa holds the mirror up to show what’s holding people back from being their best whether in their professional or personal life. She is a thinking partner in their corner and helps people see higher possibilities and solutions while focused on getting leaders to where they want to be.

Corporate Coaching is an investment you make in your people and a gift for their performance and development as professionals and human beings.

Bring out the essence of your greatest resource – your people.


Coach Lisa brings 15 + years experience working for both small to multinational, global organizations like L’Oréal USA and Salesforce.com. With a wide, diverse range of industry and functional experience, she brings expertise in understanding people from her former career in Talent Acquisition. 

Her diverse experience gives her an advantage and insight into understanding your business and systems.

Coupled with her coaching experience focused on high- performing leaders ranging from corporate mid-level professionals to executives, she brings high energy to her work, inspiration and powers up those around her.

She combines her business and coaching experience bringing depth, and a consistent and powerful intuitive approach, using practical tools and practices to cater to the overall human, not just the professional.

Ready to re-imagine leadership
and shape leaders of tomorrow?

Coach Lisa currently holds her PCC (Professional Coaching Certification) credential and in pursuit of obtaining her Masters Coaching Certification through the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Lisa’s focus on mastery in her field and a commitment to excellence is behind her ongoing skill development and deepening her knowledge to empower her work.  She holds a certification in Reiki, uses a mindfulness approach and spiritual practices as needed to cater more holistically to her clients.

She has had the privilege to coach professionals across a number of different industries and verticals including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, publishing and media, telecom, computer software, technology, manufacturing, food and beverage to name a few.

Credit of video belongs to both ICF and ACMP. Clip is from webinar on Re-Opening after COVID, a webinar series hosted by International Coaching Federation (ICF) & Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). You can find the full webinar by visiting the ACMP website, or the ICF website.
Ways to Work Together:

Group Leadership Development Coaching
For Women

Looking to offer a group coaching experience to your high performers in your organization?

Bring Lead as FEMME to your female leaders to help uplevel and enhance their leadership skills. This 12-week, live, virtual group coaching experience is designed to be highly interactive, will include group style discussion and Q&A. Ideal for Director level to Executives.

Coaching for new leaders

Research shows organizations can improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by 70% with a strong onboarding process.
Onboarding your new leader can make the difference between setting them up for success or to fail.

Investing in Onboarding Coaching, your new leader will have a dedicated Intuitive Leadership Coach that helps them seamlessly integrate into your organization and acclimate to your company culture with success.

The focus being on the person, building relationships and becoming the leader you hired to make an impact.

This 6-month program includes initial key stakeholder meetings to align on expectations of the position, a mid-point check-in to review progress and a final meeting at the completion of the coaching engagement. The coaching work focuses on a holistic approach working with the new hire to optimize their leadership skills required for the position and help close any gaps.

Book your call here to learn more.

Investing in high performers

Nurturing their growth and development, preparing them
for the next level opportunity. 

  • Private coaching engagements are a minimum of 6 or 12 months commitment.

  • Ideal for the technical leader who is moving into a people leadership role and wants to focus on leadership development.

  • Your high potential employee who’s being groomed for a promotional opportunity (i.e. VP position) and needs to focus on developing leadership competencies.

  • Your high achiever employee who needs a Leadership Coach to help optimize their performance, identify their blind spots and unlock their potential.

  • To invest in the learning, growth and development of your top talent.
     Book your introduction session here to learn more.

VIP Days

A day exclusively focused on coaching, strategy setting and planning. Consider this as an option when you need a thinking partner to roll up their sleeves to strategize and plan with you. This day includes both a coaching session and strategy planning. Please inquire for more details.

Supporting leaders and teams to
manage change.

  • Managing difficult conversations and identifying solutions to help work through challenging employee relationships
  • Creating more balance, minimizing stress and increasing overall well-being
  • Improving time management and productivity
  • Leading more authentically and strengthening executive presence
  • Effective communication
  • Increasing confidence
  • Developing emotional intelligence (please review the EI services page to learn more)
  • Career planning and transitions

The Process

Standard private coaching engagements are a minimum 6 months commitment which can include key stakeholder meetings at the onset, the EQ.i-2.0 assessment, a mid-point check-in and a final meeting at the completion of an engagement.

Confidentiality and privacy are exercised throughout the engagement and honors both the client and Coach Lisa’s work.

Coach Lisa upholds the ethics and standards of the International Coaching Federation and adheres to their code of conduct in her work.

What questions can I answer for you?
Yes. Lisa currently holds her PCC accreditation through the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and in pursuit of her Masters Coaching Certification.

Coach Lisa brings 15 + years of corporate experience working for both small and multi-national, global organizations in CPG, Beauty and Software. She’s successfully worked in corporate, agency, RPO and remote environments while also leading a remote team. Her diverse background, exposure to multiple levels of leadership and a former corporate career in Talent Acquisition gives her the understanding of business challenges, systems and most importantly – people. She holds a Bachelor’s in HR Management from York University.

She’s focused on mastery in her field and also has a certification in Reiki, uses a mindfulness approach and spiritual practices and tools to cater more holistically to her clients.

Please review client testimonials listed above on this Coaching page as well as throughout the site. Clients have walked away with being promoted to sr. level positions, transitioning into external, bigger career opportunities, as well as, invaluable results from improved emotional regulation, increased self-awareness, improved performance, stronger team/employee relationships to recognition from sr. management on behavior changes to name a few.

Coach Lisa has coached mid to executive level professionals in industries such as telecom, pharmaceuticals, publishing and media, computer software, technology and food and beverage to name a few.

Coaching can lead to transformational results, yet they are often varied. Many times, the outcome of a coaching engagement ends up far exceeding expectations from the initial mandate. Coach Lisa’s style is primarily focused on creating a transformation; clients should be ready to be transformed through her work rather then be focused on transactional results.

Things to consider that impact a successful coaching engagement: a client commitment to doing the work in between sessions, a clear gap between where the client is to where they desire to be, an understanding that behavior change takes time and is not based on an expectation of overnight success, a genuine motivation for professional and personal growth to name a few.

Please feel free to get in touch to learn more about Coach Lisa and Leadership Coaching packages.

Coach Lisa offers private coaching, corporate coaching, group coaching for women, workshops, corporate consulting and administers the EQ.i-2.0 / EQ 360 assessment for socially conscious organizations. If you’re interested in a workshop or speaking engagement for your next event, please inquire to learn more. To learn more about additional services, please feel free to set up an introduction session. I look forward to working with you!

Invest in your people and change the game of your business.