I’m back from a fantastic trip in Italy missing carb central with all it’s delicious pasta and 🍕 pizza. Ok yes, AND gelato 🍨 – I may have had more than one ice cream a day, but who’s counting?!

Leaving for Italy over the Labor Day long weekend, I was encouraging everyone to slow down and enjoy the fact that we’re still in the summer season with at this point, about a week left until we’re officially in Fall.

It’s always a bit of an adjustment to re-commit to ourselves in a way that calls for a ‘new version of ourselves’, coming off a summer full of late nights and taking things cool, calm and easy breezy.  There’s that sense of letting go and diving into new routines, new possibilities, and new opportunities.

As we inch our way into the Fall season, it brings about a time to start anew.  To refresh.  To begin again.

But it’s up to US to say YES to what we want. 

Are you ready to start that new project? 

Are you willing to lead in a new way that supports your team? 

Do you want to improve a work process and create greater efficiency in our business? 

Do you want to develop a new skill and move closer to a higher version of yourself? 

Improve a current skill? 

Or is it simply prioritizing yourself and putting yourselves first more.

No desire is too big or small.  We simply have to say YES and commit to making the adjustments. So, what are you willing to let go of?

Just as the trees lose their leaves, for some of us we may need to shed and release what no longer serves us.  An old habit, a limiting belief, expectations from others, an old story and yes even people and relationships that simply don’t support the direction we’re heading in.

As silly as this may sound, the trees don’t worry about losing their leaves because something new is always birthed.  New leaves grow. 

So for us, as we let go of something, it’s always replaced with something new.  If we’re willing to create the space for it.  In every way possible.

What are you willing to commit to and say a big YES to that will get you closer to that highest version of yourself?

I know for me it’s creating a new practice of gratitude in the evenings before bed and taking a new course this fall.

Let me know in the comments below!

To your growth and success,

Lisa xo