This past weekend, I attended an all-day workshop called Evolve that I was invited to by a friend of mine. All things supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners were shared through wellness and mindfulness best practices. 

Plus, a line up of great speakers that shared productivity hacks and other tricks, tips, and tools to support you and your business to inspire us to go BE our best out in the world.

The day exceeded my expectations and I left meeting wonderful people who all had grand visions for themselves and their businesses but more importantly were leading those efforts with their full hearts.

It’s not often I’ve attended a workshop or business conference for that matter and have met, let alone witnessed leaders openly share their business that started with, “I have something imprinted in my heart that the world needs to hear, oh and by the way, can help people.”

It reminded me of my own vision and left me curious around yours and what uniquely inspires YOU from the inside out.

There’s a lot that I find inspiration in and I find myself often smiling when something insignificant to someone else, I find joy in.

It just goes to show that we are ALL so different and therefore, are lit up by different things.  But the beauty of that is, it’s a domino effect.  Things that others have been inspired to do/be/act on have inspired me to share what’s in MY heart.

Bearing your heart to the world takes courage for sure, but you also inspire others to do the same whatever that may be for someone else.

As a collective imagine how beautiful it would be if we all tapped into what inspired us and shared it with the world.  Imagine the impact!

When it comes to finding inspiration to DO what you do in your work, I struggled for some time to find what sparked my plug/lit me up/made my heart sing.

What I came to realize was uncovering what made my heart sing was inside me all along and it simply needed to be listened to by getting still, going inwards and getting quiet.

I’m only now really being able to share that with the world through my words, my presence, and my voice.

Inspiration can also come at all different times and is ongoing. It’s always all around us, we just have to open to it. 

Since we’re ALWAYS evolving, growing and changing, what inspires us may change as well. That’s the beauty of being human.

What inspires you is unique to you even if it’s shared with someone else or millions of other people for that matter.  Your unique expression of it will be what’s original because it’s coming from YOU and no one else in the world has your unique makeup but you.

How do you like that for some originality?! 😉

If you find yourself feeling uninspired or wondering what your next action is whether you have an important decision to make in business or whether it’s deciding to take a leap of faith and do something completely out of left field.  I invite you to get still, go inwards and get quiet.

Allow yourself to be open to the idea that what inspires you is perfect for you and came to you for a reason.  Let that be enough!  Don’t question it or marinate in it to figure out if it’s ‘normal’ or silly or [insert any other excuse].

Run with it and let it work it’s magic within YOU!!

I’m curious, where do you typically find inspiration?

Here’s to what inspires YOU!

Lisa xo