When we think of boundaries, you might think of a boundary that separates or divides something.  Today, I’m talking about healthy boundaries that allow us to protect ourselves and our energy in ALL areas of our life.  It’s your way of saying, “I’ll accept this…” and “I won’t accept this…”.  It’s understanding and knowing your limits.

Before I understood the importance of boundaries, I really didn’t understand what a healthy boundary meant, let alone applied them to my own life.  In my twenties, I remember being in a constant state of giving so much of my energy to everyone and anyone that I often felt depleted and drained and really didn’t understand why. 

I thought I was being nice and helping people who were coming to me either for advice or asking for my help, yet why was I leaving those interactions feeling drained?  Since much of my work and by nature, I’m open and giving with others, it was a game changer for me once I realized that boundaries weren’t just important but necessary. 

Once they were put in place (and still are), it allowed me to remain grounded in my own energy and FEEL like I still had energy for me while still being able to give energy to other things in my life that were important.  It also demonstrated that while I’m able to connect and be open with others as I always do, there’s a boundary I’ve placed for myself that I am now respecting.

Boundaries are not the same as blocks or walls people armor themselves with.  So, to be clear, a boundary is meant to be a healthy often, invisible barrier that allows you to preserve and protect your energy and yourself.  You’re respecting yourself and showing others what you will and will not tolerate. 

If you’re unsure of how to apply healthy boundaries to your life, take note of some of these simple practices and things you can keep in mind to help protect yourself and your energy.

  • Boundaries can be applied to ALL areas of your life; not necessarily at work or in your relationships.  Where do you feel you need to put a boundary or have more boundaries in place?
  • What are the boundaries you want to put in place and with who?  For example, the boundaries you might set at work with your colleagues might look different from those you set with your loved ones and friends.
  • Ask yourself what it is you need?  Is it more time?  Energy?  Power?  Respect? If you feel like there’s something you need more of and not getting, that could be a sign that you may want to create a boundary for yourself where your energy might be leaking or given away.
  • Set the intention before heading into that coffee with your friend, that meeting at work, etc.  Especially in the beginning as you’re just implementing this practice, think about what your intention is ahead of time until it becomes second nature.

One of my favorite writers and motivational speakers, Gabby Bernstein shares what healthy boundaries (2:37 min watch) look like for her. Take note of how she explains that while having a healthy boundary in place, she can still be kind and open.

Boundaries are for anyone who can use that invisible barrier in order to protect the most important thing you can control – YOUR energy.  You are in charge of where it goes and who you give it to.  While it may only be required in one area of your life, consider putting those healthy boundaries in place to serve your needs, whatever they may look like for you.

I’d love to hear from you!

Where in your life have you applied healthy boundaries?

Share in the comments below and let me know how boundaries have helped you in your life.

With so much love,

Lisa xo