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Coaching for Corporate Women

Ready to Become The Director of Your Life?

You didn’t come to this life to work 90% of your time, pay bills and exist the remaining 10% you have left.

And thankfully, the mundane routine that has you on a hamster wheel people call life, doesn’t have to be your reality.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the investment you make in you, redefining work, doing business and living life on your terms without the expectations society puts on you. Afterall, change is inevitable but growth is a choice.

Whether it’s to experience:

Anything is possible.

Coaching is the journey you embark on when you’re ready to transform. You’re not just looking to solve problems, but rather experience breakthroughs, break down barriers and see higher possibilities you may not have seen before.

Maybe right now you’re feeling trapped in a career that doesn’t spark joy anymore, aspiring to the next level or trying to elevate your executive leadership while navigating a demanding work environment, like some of your relationships have lost their connection, and feeling like there’s no time for personal enjoyment. Not to mention, feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibilities you’re juggling and being so hard on yourself along the way because you believe you should be feeling different at this stage of your life or have it all figured out.

Confidence seems to be lacking, you struggle being who you are and want to be more authentic, yet you hold back for fear of rejection, judgement and know it’s holding you back in your corporate and personal life. You struggle with difficult emotions, wish you were able to more confidently navigate tough conversations and use your voice to ask or say the things on your mind and heart.

I know you didn’t sign up for a life to follow someone else’s rules. Worst of all, feeling stressed and so alone because it doesn’t align with who you are and sucks the joy out of living.

Thankfully, you don’t have to.

Imagine waking up in the morning with a renewed sense of purpose for the work you do, having more clarity and peace of mind of where you want to go as a next step in your career, feeling reconnected to who you are, more confident and excited about life again. 

Close your eyes and picture this happening right now – what would this mean for you? 

Clients who have gone through coaching engagements with Coach Lisa range from high performing, mid-level corporate women to senior executives.

The common theme they share is the desire to create a life that goes beyond being a better leader, parent or friend – and start leading themselves as a priority first. Where true leadership starts.

An investment in themselves that allows them to create a way of working and living they feel excited about again. To create a new found freedom and independence they’ve never experienced before and be able to see life through a new lens.

Breaking the rules of business, society and cultural norms. Re-writing the script of life on their terms. Their way. Simply because they can.

Not by just a quick mindset fix, but rather a journey of self-discovery that re-acquaints them back to their heart and soul. The impact this has on their professional and personal life? Priceless.

Are you willing and ready to re-define leadership, success and claim being the Director of your life?

This is how you
create more ease

…and flexibility in your business and life become the new norm.

Learn how to manage your well-being
and become the Director of your life.

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Be brave enough to change the rules so you can change the game of business and life.

Ways to Work with Me:
The Changemakers Package

For those who want to dive head first into all things Emotional  Intelligence, this is the perfect solution for you. This includes an online EI assessment, a 1 hour coaching session, plus 2-45 min. follow up coaching sessions. Option to extend and create a customized coaching package exclusive to EI.

  • You’re the perfect fit for The Changemakers Package if you’re ready and willing to dive into developing your EI (emotional intelligence) skills.
  • You’re interested in a longer-term coaching commitment and want to sample a shorter option before committing 6 or 12-months.
  • You want to elevate your leadership skills, develop your emotional and social skills and be THE leader in your industry taking you from average to highly sought after.
  • You want to better navigate change, make more effective decisions and better manage stress.

Learn more about Emotional Intelligence here.

1:1 Coaching

Each coaching engagement is customized to suit your needs. There’s no one size fits all. Coaching packages are 6 or 12- months engagements to create sustainable change. Each package will include The Changemakers package, a welcome package (a surprise just for you) and Voxer access to support your transformation in between sessions. Please inquire for customized packages.

To learn more about 1:1 coaching, book your introduction session here.

  • You’re the perfect fit for private coaching if you’re looking for intimate, high touch support
  • You work in a corporate environment in a Director level or above
  • You value growth and your own personal and professional development 

Group Coaching For Women – Lead as FEMME

LEAD as FEMME is a 12-week live, virtual group coaching experience designed exclusively for women to elevate and enhance their leadership, integrating the essence of what makes them a woman. A journey to overcome common challenges and barriers women face in corporate and help you reach your full potential as a leader to change your world.

Learn more about Lead as FEMME
The Bridge Program

For the bold leader who wants to activate their spirituality while nurturing their personal growth. This program is designed specifically to partner with you in an intimate yet meaningful way to help you reconnect back to who you are while creating a spiritual practice by the end of our time together.


  • The Bridge is perfect for you if you’re ready to develop a more intimate connection to who you are
  • You’re eager to start a spiritual practice yet uncertain of where or how to start
  • You want to incorporate more spiritual practices in your day to day life and/or business
  • Please book a call here to learn more about The Bridge program
Client success looks like this:

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Get ready for your world to change.
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