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Lead as FEMME

A modern leader who owns her feminine qualities and pioneers a new way of leading.

Exceptional leadership is at your fingertips.

The time is now to elevate and enhance your leadership and become the leader that’s waiting for you to step into.

The leaders we’ve traditionally seen and come to know have led in ways that often celebrate masculine driven traits, while ignoring the qualities women inherently bring to their style of leadership. 

An approach lacking diversity and creating environments where a woman’s potential is suppressed and the human spirit is misunderstood.

Seeing these kind of leaders throughout my own career, it was clear the model of leadership created is geared towards men. 

Welcome to the gap in leadership.  

Women have often had to conform and lead in ways that deny the qualities which are unique to them for fear of rejection or judgement. 

Hiding the parts of them that make them soft for fear it makes them weak, ignoring any emotion they have because they’re convinced and been told they don’t belong in business or the workplace.

So they continue with the struggle, the inauthentic tactics and strategies thinking – this is the way, this will get me what I want, even at the expense of compromising who they are, suffocating their spirit and ignoring the powerful qualities they possess as women.

Not only has this kept women in a disempowered state, it overshadows their unique qualities, keeping them from fully realizing their true leadership potential because they are a woman.

Times are changing.

It’s time to LEAD as FEMME.

LEAD as FEMME is a 12-week live, virtual group coaching experience to elevate and enhance your leadership integrating the essence of what makes you a woman. A journey to remember the parts of you you’ve likely convinced yourself hold no value and rediscover your innate strength to help you reach your full potential as a leader and change your world.

Why this program and why now?

The women who come to me have often felt like they must twist themselves into a pretzel to make themselves known in business or place of work.

They’re exhausted from feeling they have to perform to navigate negotiations, ask for opportunities, use tactics that are inauthentic to get what they want, and struggle with owning being a leader because they’re a woman.

The list goes on.

As a result, women have struggled with being recognized, honored and included as leaders. For many, navigating these environments have left the qualities of what makes a woman, a woman, ignored in order to fit in.

When our time together is complete, these same women have gone on to be recognized for promotional opportunities, are sought after to lead high profile projects, have been able to have more authentic relationships, go after desires they previously didn’t allow themselves to do and so much more.

An increase in confidence is inevitable, but the transformation they experience is life-changing. They elevate their leadership and increase their visibility where it matters.

The work to bring gender equality, balance and include women as the true leaders they are, has been a work in progress for decades.

I believe when more women are fully able to own who they are in their leadership role, their impact is amplified across all areas of their life. Business’s are more balanced, their work life where they spend at least 80% of their time is more enjoyable, relationships are strengthened and more authentic and life is just all around sweeter.

You’re not a female leader; you’re a leader. Period. 

I know there are more of you brilliant women who are feeling like the women who have come in my world, and it’s time to elevate and enhance your leadership so you can experience your full potential as a leader.

The question I often pose and stops women in their tracks is:

What’s the cost of operating
from a place that compromises who you are?
The answer is usually – too much.

The future will continue to see the rise of more conscious women stepping into their role as leaders’ sans slapping their gender in front of their title. Owning the qualities that inherently make them femme, and they naturally possess.

We’ll see empowered women paving the way for a new generation of leadership.

Pioneering a new way of living, doing business and working, while courageously doing so with heart.

Now is your time.

She is waiting for you.
Who is the FEMME Leader?
THIS is who the FEMME leader is.
Are you ready to meet her?
Love from Clients
“The biggest skill Lisa gave me was she helped me better value myself. Working with Lisa has been life-changing, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”

“You have changed my life and I can’t thank you enough for helping me become the person I am today from the person I was when we first met. Thank you so much and I hope we meet again!”

“I really have enjoyed our time together, you’ve challenged me and have made me a better leader in such a small time!”
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Yes, however, the intention of this program is to experience it live and is highly dependent on being available when it’s taking place. It’s also highly beneficial to get the full experience while participating with the other women in the group. Please ensure your availability and schedule can accommodate your live participation.

The times will be decided once the program is full. An email will be sent out to participants upon purchase confirming the times.
This program will likely shift each time its run (for as long as it runs) given it’s a live experience and will be dependent on the participants of the program. To honor the participants of the program, you will have access to your program only.
Each session will take place virtually via Zoom.

During the program, the focus will be on a group experience. If you want to continue your work, there will be an option to purchase an additional 3, 6 or 9 months at the end of the program to continue working with Coach Lisa privately.