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As a performance coach, I partner with professionals on their path of self-development.

Coaching is transformational and can be the partnership that helps you go from feeling doubtful, confused and unclear to empowered, confident and gain a renewed sense of direction. When working together, we work to tap into your inner wisdom and identify creative solutions that only you have. Ultimately, getting out of your way to help you move forward. 

Think of me as your thinking partner and a champion in your corner! 

Give the gift of Group Coaching!

Gifts to Starbucks, Amazon or the LCBO are fun to get during the holiday season, but why not empower your team and give them the gift of Group Coaching!
A benefit you can actually see in your business.
Whether you’re in the start-up stages of your organization or further along your journey and looking to scale, working together as a team is critical to your success.
It’s difficult to do that if:
* There’s silos among teams and broken communication 
* You don’t easily collaborate and execute on organizational goals 
* As a leader, you don’t easily delegate and find yourself doing your work and your team’s
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb
When you’re able to find the ‘sweet spot’ of working together as a team, you’re able to reach new heights of team engagement!
This is FOR you if:
* Want to work more collaboratively and effectively  
* Improve communication and increase team engagement  
* Increase individual and social awareness 
* Strengthen relationships and internal networks
Here’s what’s included in this Group Coaching package:
* 6 sessions over 3 months (2 sessions per month) 
* 60 min / session (in person, virtual option available if needed) 
* Suitable for teams no more than 6 
* Individual preliminary calls with each group participant prior to first group session


We’ve never had group coaching before, does that matter?

No! Lisa will facilitate the group discussions, no prior experience with group coaching is necessary.

What happens after I purchase a group coaching package for my team?

You’ll be directed to a “Get in touch” page where you will schedule a time to connect with Lisa and schedule your group sessions.

Do we need to complete all 6 sessions?

Yes. The idea is you want to complete the full 6 sessions as a team.

What happens if not all my team members can make it to a session?

Ideally, all participants should commit to attending each session once confirmed. In the event something comes up, we will look to rescheduling.

How do we know what to discuss in each session?

Topics will be mutually decided upon that benefits everyone in the group. Some topics can include: improving communication, improving a broken process, reviewing organizational goals, etc.


Still have questions? Feel free to touch base here to set up a time to connect and we’ll get your questions answered.
Register TODAY 
$2,000 (+ taxes)
This offer ends January 13, 2020
BONUS: When you sign up by December 24th, receive 1 FREE Disc assessment for a team member 

Individual packages available below

If you are:

  • Seeking clarity and direction
  • Looking to break down a perceived problem and need a thinking partner to work through it
  • Looking to make a professional or personal change
  • Looking to work through some of your business ideas
  • Looking to grow within your own company and get to the next level
  • Feeling stuck in an aspect of your work

I partner with you to:

  • Work through ideas and opportunities
  • Open new doors with heightened awareness and responsibility
  • Progress your career or start a new business
  • Take small steps to transform your life
  • Be willing to hold the mirror to shine the light, on what’s holding you back from being your best

Lisa is a highly intuitive and savvy coach, who partnered with me to generate powerful and practical plans to achieve my goals. She has a strong presence, a natural can-do attitude and powerful communication skills that facilitated actionable insight. Nothing seemed impossible after a session with her and I invariably left with a new perspective and a clear sense of direction.

– Ian MacFarlane, Montreal, QC, Economist and Executive coach

Lisa is excellent at helping you identify and discover how to do the things that speak to your heart, light you up, and make you feel great. 

Together we dove into ideas and desires that inspire me and unpacked what was blocking me. Lisa asks great questions to steer you toward clarity and feeling empowered to take your next right step. I left our session feeling very inspired and motivated!

-Melissa Holtz, NY, NY, Photographer

Good morning Lisa. Two years ago today you interviewed me for the open (position title) at (company) supporting the (account) business. I just wanted to reach out on this anniversary and say a sincere thank you.

I had been laid off and went through the usual wringer of interviews for a number of positions and had a wide range of experiences when it came to interviewing in the initial stage. I firmly believe that your advice and coaching helped me to secure the position. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did. I am still very happily with (company) and hope to be for a long time to come.

From the initial interview through to pushing to get the offer in time so I could in good faith turn down another competitive offer so I could get my preferred position – it couldn’t have happened without your help.

I know you can be a sometimes thankless position and a field that can be full of ghosters and fee chasers. You are a class act and an example for all in your field.

Thank you again for helping secure my new home. I hope life is treating you well and that the countless people you have worked with since appreciate the rare gem you are.

Karen S. USA

When you work with me you get:

  • A loyal and inspirational ally on your journey to reach your full potential
  • A performance driven ICF certified coach who believes you are whole, capable, strong and good enough
  • A cheerleader to tell you "Yes you can!" when your inner voice is saying "l can't"
  • A kaleidoscope carrying crusader determined to help you poke through your limiting beliefs to show you all the possibilities that exist
  • A safe and trusted space to step out of your comfort box
  • A coach who is willing to shine the light and hold up the mirror on what's holding you back from living your best life
  • A devoted and passionate professional who is here to serve you 

Want to refocus, get clear and re-balance?

Download this free easy to use 4-step balance checklist to help you get clear on your time and re-balance!

the best part...
you feel inspired
you're heard
you're empowered
you see possibilities

With any of the below commitments, I offer a 20 min free consult to ensure we’re a good fit. This is your best opportunity to ask questions, get to know me and of course for me to get to know you better. 


Investing in yourself will be the best and biggest investment you will ever make in your life! 

Are you ready to commit to your self-development?

For most value, 3- and 6-month packages are available to work on getting you from where you’re at today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Packages Include:

  • 2 – 60 min coaching sessions per month (via web conference)
  • 1-15 min check in in between sessions
  • Regular e-mail support as needed
  • Fun, easy to use, tools and resources to keep you on track in between sessions
                       *All sales are final, no refunds.*

3 Month Package

6 sessions with 3 check-ins in between sessions

6 Month Package

12 sessions with 6 check-ins in between sessions

Career Mentoring

Having spent 10 + years working in Talent Acquisition, I understand the roller coaster ride that can often come with navigating your career. As a mentor, I guide you to the finer points of building your career. 

I work specifically with corporate professionals who are looking for guidance in the following areas:

  • Resume building
  • Recruiting
  • Networking
  • Specific industry advice
  • General interviewing skills
  • Negotiation skills 

3 Month Package
12 sessions (1 hour per session)

6 Month Package
24 sessions (1 hour per session)

*Mentoring Sessions are conducted 1 per week for 1 hour per session